1. WOW-Factor

    Yes, our events create the mood lighting, which leave a lasting experience that sparkle your memories and lots of great ideas, guaranteed to make you feel in an exceptional atmosphere by creating a spectacular and breath taking display of colour that’s classy, elegant and modern which will totally transform your […]

  2. Hang outs

    Our events makes your evening sparkle with a stunning starlit dance floor and we promise fun, laughter, love and a sprinkle of magic all the way through which drives you to the songs you love and the ones that get you up on your feet.


    We are specialised in music promotions of various genres. We produce shows/gigs and tours but we also offer bands the ability to move to the next step in their musical careers. Our aim is to support awesome music and musicians and create a platform to higher the profile of all […]


    We offer bands, artists promotion and management of bands and artists. We produce and promotes shows and live concerts and tours as a showcase for the artists we represent. We work with our artists and bands to create a bespoke management style to achieve the results needed. We offer bands/artists […]

  5. Festival season

    Festival season

    We share our knowledge and experience with Bands and Artists in taking part in major Festivals and help them strive for good standards in taking part in festivals. We constantly work closely with major festival organisational bodies to establish a strong link between our events and the promotions of our […]


    Live Bollywood Dance & Music in London. Sunday, 6pm on March 3rd, 2019.

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    • World Malayalee Federation | WMF UK Chapter is ready to stir up the UK crowd with “Mazhavil Mamangam” show.

      World Malayalee Federation WMF UK Chapter is ready to stir up the UK crowd with “Mazhavil Mamangam” show. Rima Kallingal, the renowned Indian film artist & dancer and her Mamangam – The School of Dance is going to perform for the first time in UK. Rima is to be accompanied by Siddharth Menon renowned singer […]
    • Sing With Stephen a talent hunt by Stephen Devassy – Singers Shortlist

      “Sing With Stephen”, the talent hunt by Stephen Devassy, organised as part of Stephen Devassy & The Solid Band Live Concerts Tour of UK & Ireland from 25th May to 5th June 2017 has ended and the singers are shortlisted. Winner of the contest for each venue of “Stephen Devassy […]
    • Sing With Stephen-Talent Hunt 2017

      “Sing With Stephen” a talent hunt by Stephen Devassy A call for all singers to polish their singing talents and get an ultimate opportunity to perform live on stage with Stephen Devassy & Solid Band. Sign up now and take part in the talent hunt and amazing career opportunities awaiting […]
    • Stephen Devassy & Solid Band Tour of UK & Ireland

      Stephen Devassy “Flying Fingers on Keys” Stephen’s playing accent and the perfection he maintains, made him the youth’s idol.  He is undoubtedly the fastest keyboard player and his swimming fingers on the keytar have always pushed the audience to the state of awe. The energy he delivers while playing the […]
    • Balabhaskar & The Big Band- Tour of UK & Ireland

      Coming soon !!! For Show Bookings in UK & Ireland contact Kushlosh at events@kushlosh.com KNOW MORE ABOUT BALABHASKAR: Mr. Balabhaskar, a celebrated violinist, South Indian by origin, who created revolution in a South Indian’s concept of instrumental fusion. Deeply rooted in Carnatic classical music and trained since his tender age […]
    • Muthukad’s World of Illusions Tour of UK & Ireland- 26th May to 6th June 2016

      Muthukad’s World of Illusions Tour of UK – 26th May to 6th June 2016 Mr. Gopinath Muthukad, renowned magician from the southern state of India uses ‘magic’ as a medium for the past 37 years to spread virtuous ideals among the populace. Muthukad has a unique motto ‘Magic with a […]